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  1. Brainmelter Team Darkout: Programmer

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    Save game conversion is permanent and irreversible. Please be sure to backup your My Documents/My Games/Darkout folders contents before running the update. This will avoid the possibility of losing data that does not convert properly.

    We would like to stress that the Data conversion is not full proof, and though we tried our best for everyone to keep their old worlds and characters it is becoming clear through most of the new bugs submitted that it does not always work.

    Bugs submitted for this version from older characters and worlds can unfortunately not be fixed and we will have to focus on supporting only bugs from new characters and worlds based on this build going forward.

    • Fixed plant overgrowth bug
    • Fixed event campfires not burning out or being removed
    • Event chests now use a random container
    • Fixed teleporting through walls when player tries to sleep on a bed from far away
    • Fixed suit speed bug
    • Fixed jetpack running out of fuel causing you to jump too high
    • Added coral icons
    • Fixed metal chest open/close animation
    • Fixed crash when using buckets on fluids
    • Added glass plate icons
    • Fixed zoom clamping
    • New player level system and research changes
    • Music now changes per biome
    • Discovering new biomes now grants research points
    • Discovering new items now grants research points
    • Lava damage tuned down a bit
    • Fixed enemy health bars not being deleted when enemy is deleted
    • Fixed bulk crafting amounts
    • New artwork for wooden platforms
    • Enemies that have shadow hit-points will now show how much shadow hp they have left on the health-bar
    • Enemies should no longer spawn in well lit areas
    • Fixed research display bar overflow
    • Fixed memory leak in lighting system
    • Fixed some world generation crashes
    • New HUD images
    • Fixed equip slots so that you can only equip items that are supposed to be equipped
    • Fixed same player/world name issue
    • Research entries should now unlock properly when you acquire the proper items (such as vines)
    • Player is now invulnerable for 2 seconds after re-spawning
    • Fluids should now update better when flowing off-screen, especially when digging at the bottom of an ocean
    • Draining fluids should now longer result in the loss of fluid
    • Fixed closing containers with the escape key
    • Fixed jet-pack so that when you bump your head you will keep flying up after moving a bit
    • Fixed issue with crafting progress bar disappearing
    • Moved pod crash into the middle of the jungle for extra safety
    • Made some changes which may fix the invisible terrain glitch after alt-tabbing
    • Fixed pod disappearing after save and reload
    • Player can now only fall 4x the default height with jet pack equipped before injury
    • Fixed issue with device collision boundaries when placing
    • Fixed icon for chair3
    • Fixed oxygen bar updating while game is paused
    • Fixed mining wood wall giving wood block
    • Fixed LightBW4 animation
    • Fixed WallLightsWhite and WallLightsYellow mixup
    • Fixed CeilingLamp2 and CeilingLamp3 mixup
    • Fixed not being able to swing torches in front of devices
    • Fixed torch in bottom slot unequipping after opening a container
    • Added the ability to change some key bindings via commonConfig.xml. New settings are added after using the exit button in game. Will be adding change controls screen in game in the near future.
    • Added the keyboard and UI layout menu options to the main menu
    • Fixed health bar showing in the ESC menu
    • Fixed game warning about losing unsaved data after a save
    • Fixed sled menu crashing the game
    • Sled node paths should now save properly
    • Changed harvesting gas from plants to 50-100 times per plant
    • Fixed chests disappearing when picked up
    • Fixed player's health bar showing through menus while the game is paused
    • Added a new cursor which is now used in the game menus
    • Fixed image scaling of teleporter and log icons
    • Fixed research unlocks when acquiring proper items
    • Added a slight delay to jellyfish damage effect
    • Fixed crash pod directional orientation vs fire
    • Fixed the UI/Keyboard layout menu options so that their locations are updated with resolution
    • Changed the spawn delay for jellyfish for new characters to 30 seconds
    • Fixed items sometimes disappearing inside of chests
    • Fixed sled menu crashing when selecting an option
    • Fixed the sled node inventory and sled node connections so that they save with the world properly
    • Fixed the GUI load order which should resolve any blank screen issues when starting the game in full screen mode
    • Fixed Darkout.exe doing nothing when double clicked if the file path has unicode characters
    • Added unicode support in game. This should resolve any issues with people whose Windows username contains unicode characters
    • Fixed the firefly jar not emitting light when placed
    • Fixed the research and crafting timers updating while the game is paused
    • Fixed light emission from head and leg armor
    • Fixed some item icons that were too dark
    • Changed sled menu to now open with Shift+LeftClick
    • Fixed placing back wall tiles behind devices
    • Fixed weapons swapping improperly when switching left/right click slots
    • Fixed items duplicating when moving/placing
    • Fixed crafting suits so that it requires the previous tier item instead of tier 1
    • Added progress display to items that are being processed in the crafting and research queues
    • Added proper display names to items rather than using its "unique" database item name
    • Changed jellyfish effect to not flip after attack sequence has started
    • Fixed world data for new players so that the pod crash inventory is saved properly if the game is closed after the world loads
    • Fixed light goo jar not unlocking which caused a crafting roadblock
    • Fixed torch light protruding through walls when places in corners
    • Fixed suit light emission while laying in bed
    • Fixed database issue that sometimes prevented a new character from moving
    • Fixed glowing cables so that they actually glow
    • Fixed Bloater monster puke attack (gross!) floating in the air
    • Fixed items floating in mid air when they are unable to reach the player after harvesting
    • Changed sled node images
    • Fixed items selected in research menu crafting instead of researching
    • Fixed crafting queue sometimes allowing only 2 items at a time
    • Changed some item info messages to use proper display names
    • Fixed mining in opening behind walls
    • Added range checks for sleeping on a bed
    • Fixed fluids not draining properly
    • Added the ability to dump fluids out of buckets back into the world
    • Added underwater breathing apparatus
    • Fixed laser gun shooting inconsistencies
    • Fixed a graphical issue where equipped suit pieces that were used in an upgrade caused the player to have invisible body parts
    • Fixed the Updater so that it launches the game as the currently logged in user instead of Administrator
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  2. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    It's been a bit of a process. Thanks for letting me help. Good job guys, looking forward to an even greater future!
  3. TeslaReloaded Active Member

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    When I try to load my old worlds, my character (old or new) becomes invisible, with no inventory and research and can't do anything except jump.
  4. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    I havent seen that one before, I will try it.

    Also may screen shot that and post it in the bugs forum.
  5. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    My data converted fine. maybe we could get a warning in the patch notes to backup old save data.


    Save conversion is permanent and irreversible. Please be sure to backup your My Documents/My Games/Darkout folders contents before running the update. This will avoid the possibility of losing data that does not convert properly.

    You know, something like that.
  6. Darkout Administrator

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    Done :)
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  7. DingoPD Active Member

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    Kudos on the lightning fast patcher :)
  8. sniubwouj Member

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  9. TeslaReloaded Active Member

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    Well, it seems my world file has been corrupted during update. Again. It's such a pain in the *** to lose all progress, all buildings and excavations which I made. And I feel it will not be my last loss. The new update adds an underground laboratory and I have to generate a new world, the next after that update will change some existing biome and again I lose my base.

    I will make it easier.

    Goodbye everyone. I leave you until the game will become more or less stable and I will not risk losing my world every time I forget to make a backup.
  10. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    I'd like to remind you that minecraft quite often breaks old worlds without a single care in the world. These guys have worked extremely hard to allow a save conversion. Have a little faith man.
  11. Nakir New Member

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    personally, I'm not gonna complain cause they're adding new stuff.. I love new stuff, if that means I gotta start a new world, then I'm gonna start a new world and enjoy every minute of it!

    Time to make new excavations, explore and find the new laboratories and biomes and everything these awesome folks have given us!
  12. Nakir New Member

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    yeesh.. I sound like one of those up-beat people I typically hate on forums.. anyway, thanks for htis update! been stalking the forums every hour for the past 2 weeks waiting for this :p

    'course it comes out and I gotta head out for work! look forward to checking everything out when I get home!
  13. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    Feel free to message me if you have any questions about how things work now. I am always willing to help people out.
  14. plantronics Member

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    it said the dataconvert was ok but when i start the character list is empty.
    when i try to create a character with the same name it says: the character already exists
    exactly the same with the world.
    world list is empty, when i try to create a world with the same name it says: world already exists.

    EDIT: ok i have converted it a few times again and i think after the 4th or 5th attempt i could choose my old char and world again.
    so, if you could not choose your char or world try to convert it a few times again and again
  15. Spoonfed Game Tester & Wiki Organizer

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    Did you backup your data first? If so delete your my docs/my gams/darkout folders contents except the common config file that holds your graphics and volume settings such as they are.

    Copy your old data back in and try again. I have had that happen to me a few times but a redo with backed up data always worked.
  16. Lazaek Community Manager

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    Great work everyone!
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  17. PurpleRain Darkout Game Tester

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    "TeslaReloaded" I've lost my huge base, world and char wile testing new bugs err.. versions.
    I was frustrated at first,but a new world new char are not that bad :)
  18. Darkout Administrator

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  19. VegasVolt Member

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    Great bug fixes! Got back to germany and saw this post - updated immediately. Made a new char and a new world ... obsly ... I am missing my pod (already read the notice about moved it to a safe area, away from the Outlands)? I cannot find my tools nor the crash location. Moved up westside - Outlands (nice work there - the "Biome Notice" over the slots!), ok ... running back again, went eastside - the mountain isn't climbable ... sadly. Must recreate a world.
  20. PurpleRain Darkout Game Tester

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    well, your spawn point along with the pod where moved :) not only the pod :D
    I hope it worked with another try ?

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